Location Key

CA: CA Building

HA: CA Building, HA Section

Every Day

10:00 a.m.: Woodcarvers—CA

10:00 a.m.: Woodturners—CA

10:00 a.m.: Leathercraft—CA

10:00 a.m.: Lacemakers—CA

Wednesday, September 11th

1:30 p.m.: Cookies & Candy Contest—HA

Thursday, September 12th

8:00 a.m.: Sewing Contest—HA

1:00 p.m. Sewing Style Show—HA

Friday, September 13th

11:00 a.m.: Rubberstamping—CA

1:30 p.m.: Bread Contest—HA

Saturday, September 14th

11 a.m.: Doll Doctor—CA

1:30 p.m.: KARO Syrup Contest—HA

Sunday, September 15th

11:00 a.m.: Doll Doctor—CA

1:00 p.m.: Square Dancers—CA

1:30 p.m.: Cake Decorating Contest—HA

Monday, September 16th

10:00 a.m.: Drop Stitch Knitter—CA

10:00 a.m.: 4-H Youth Demonstrations—HA

1:30 p.m.: Techniques in Cooking with Jane Butel—HA

Tuesday, September 17th

1:00 p.m.: Rubberstamping—CA

1:30 p.m.: Pie Contest—HA

Wednesday, September 18th

1:30 p.m.: Cake Contest—HA

Thursday, September 19th

1:30 p.m.: SPAM Contest—HA

Friday, September 20th

1:00 p.m.: Rubberstamping—CA

1:30 p.m.: Chile Contest—HA

4:00 p.m.: Spices Are a Variety of Life with Mia Maes—HA

Saturday, September 21st

11:00 a.m.: Doll Doctor—CA

1:30 p.m.: Junior Baking Contest—HA

4:30 p.m.: Cloggers—CA

Sunday, September 22nd

10:00 a.m.: Cooking Like a Pro On Very Little Dough with Jim White—HA

3:00 p.m.: Square Dancers—CA