So Much More Than Just the Fair!

ag-block-2EXPO New Mexico is the only true multi-use events center in the state, and it’s centrally located right in your own backyard. With 236 acres, more than two dozen premiere venues that are home to over 200 events every year—not to mention the state’s oldest and largest open-air market every weekend and the annual New Mexico State Fair each September—EXPO New Mexico is the Central Park in the heart of Albuquerque that even most Albuquerqueans don’t even know exists. We’re changing all that.

Go EXPO! … This Weekend, Every Weekend!

When you and your family and friends are looking for something to do this weekend, we want you thinking, “Let’s ‘Go EXPO!’” After all, there’s never any shortage of things to do at EXPO every weekend of every year; from equestrian, livestock, dog and other sanctioned animal shows, to world-class concerts, trade shows and juried art shows in all imaginable media, to hot-rod shows, monster truck pulls, live boxing, wrestling and other in-and outdoor sporting events that offer the best entertainment value for the dollar anywhere in New Mexico.

Go EXPO! For Your Next Event!

ExpoNM hosts 200+ events annually, with half a million visitors enjoying more than two dozen distinct venues!

Villa Hispana Stage Right ViewWhen it comes time to consider where to book your own event or show, we want you thinking, “I’m going to ‘Go EXPO!’” Nowhere else in Albuquerque will you find a single location with so many venues to offer at more reasonable rates . Whether you’re putting on a concert or hosting a crafts faire; expecting an audience of 10,000 or 150, EXPO’s got you covered:  from ticketing and parking to tables, chairs and security—whatever your event needs, we’ll take care of everything with the kind of personal care from our professional staff you won’t get anywhere else. Guaranteed.

Go EXPO! Go Green!

Current Expo New Mexico Greenskeeper extraordinaire Connie Elmore has been on the job at EXPO in one capacity or another since 1955!

bcl-1Over the last several years, EXPO New Mexico has made great strides toward creating a greener, more family friendly environment whose gates and open spaces are open to all, whether for a quick picnic lunch on the weekend or a lunch hour walk in the park for a little exercise during the work week. Our Go EXPO! Team has worked hard at greening the grounds, developing an innovative wastewater recycling initiative that reuses nearly drop of water used on the grounds to nurture its own delicate ecosystem.

Go EXPO! Go Recycling!

Meanwhile, our grounds maintenance crews are serious about their recycling efforts, too, partnering with the City of Albuquerque to ensure that tons of paper and plastic waste is properly separated and transported to appropriate facilities for recycling every year. Even manure and other castoff materials generated by equestrian, livestock and other animal shows (as appropriate) is put to good use as fertilizer for the old-growth oak trees that provide shade over Avenue of the Governors and the many acres of natural turf and other greenery that beautifies EXPO’s landscape.

Go EXPO! to Unwind and Reconnect!

ng-4These efforts have been in-line with modern environmental concerns, but our Go EXPO! Team has had a greater, perhaps more noble goal in mind: being good neighbors. We’ll just go ahead and admit it: It’s important to us to be liked. We want to be friends. We want you to come on over for a visit now and again, and please, bring some lemonade, sit on our grass, enjoy our shade and get a feel for the change that’s taking place around you.

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Things have changed for the better at EXPO New Mexico, and we invite you to be a part of the excitement. We’d also love it if you’d let us know how we’re doing by signing in and sending us your comments and suggestions—we take that stuff to heart, because as part of this community, we want to make the community better. Also, if you’d like to receive regular updates about what’s going on here at EXPO in terms of events and other things of interest, simply add yourself to our e-mail list, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and opt-in to receive our monthly e-mail newsletter. Thanks!

The Go EXPO! Team