Open every Saturday and Sunday @ 7 a.m.


BUYING? SELLING? Join the fun at New Mexico’s largest Flea Market! We are located in Albuquerque at Expo New Mexico on the corner of Central Avenue and Louisiana Boulevard.

Thousands of people come every Saturday and Sunday. People are buying and selling just about anything and everything you can imagine–old, new, unique, tried and true.

Reserve Vendors:

Enter @ Gate 1–Central just west of Louisiana

Reserve Vendors must have their prepaid receipts to enter Gate 1

Daily Vendors:

Enter at Gate 3–San Pedro and Copper

$20 Daily Vendor fee

Daily Vendors must arrive before 11:00 as we do not allow people to drive through the Flea Market between 11:00 and 2:00 for safety reasons.


Gate 1 and Gate 3 are paid parking lots — $5.00 per car load, includes cost of admission for all individuals in the vehicle


All other lots and entry locations require a $1.00 per person admission fee upon entering the Flea Market


**Free parking at Central and California lot (until lot is full)


**Note:  all gates may not be open every weekend because of other activities going on at EXPO.


For more information call 505.319.2849 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. The Flea Market Office is open Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Unfortunately, the office does not have access to phone lines at this time.

Vendor spaces are approximately 16’ x 25’. The Flea Market only provides the ground space. Please bring your own tables and chairs. We also recommend you bring something to create shade. Our New Mexico sun can get hot.


The Fine Print

We are open rain or shine and do not give rain checks or refunds for any reason.

Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. We love your pets but please leave them at home. Pets are not allowed in the Flea Market. State Police patrol the parking lots to ensure neither children nor animals are left in parked cars.

Bicycles and motorcycles may not be ridden in the Flea Market. No skating or skateboard use is allowed in the Flea Market.

We reserve the right to inspect any Vendor spaces and/or products. Vendors selling anything illegal, at the very least, will be escorted out of the Flea Market by the State Police and not allowed to return. Depending on the nature of the contraband items or the seriousness of the offense as determined by State Police, the seller may be arrested and items confiscated.

Persons displaying drunk or disorderly behavior will be immediately reported to the State Police.

Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. The New Mexico State Fair, Expo New Mexico and the Flea Market assume no responsibility for vehicles or vehicles’ contents; including but not limited to loss or damage due to fire, theft, collision, force majeure or likewise.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • guns, ammunition
  • fireworks
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • contact lens of any kind
  • expired products of any kind
  • food, including candy, or any kind of drinks: these items may not be sold or given away as promotional enticements without special prearranged written permission by Expo Management.
  • drug paraphernalia or items that may be construed as drug paraphernalia

There are additional prohibited items not listed here.  Please call 505.319.2849 if you have specific questions on allowable merchandise. New Mexico State Police patrol the Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday in order to prevent the sale of illegal items such as pirated DVDs, and are on constant look-out for stolen items.